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Big update of this website!!
Recently the website has had a big update. Below you will find the most important changes:

  • Added a worldmap with the
         distribution of swimming-
         strokes around the world.
  • Added in Extra-menu:
         Translations of foreign words
  • Made a new diagram of
         swimmings-strokes which is
         completely clickable. Also
         added here the country of
         origin of the most swimming-
  • Placed new photos in the
         photo-gallery of a better
  • Diagram of all swimming
  • Photo gallery
  • Added description of the
         inverted scissorkick
  • Added description of the
         basic swimming-strokes
  • More swimming-strokes
  • More animated
  • Experimental swimming-
         stroke added
  • Improved navigation
  • Overview animations
  • and a lot more!
  • Click here to view a full and more comprehensive list of all changes.

    Development of three new nostalgic swimming diplomas (Netherlands only)

    Recently our swimming bath and in particulary the group of people who practice these historical swimming-strokes, got the honor to develop three new nostalgic swimming diplomas for the NPZ (Dutch National Platform of Swimming baths).

    Find out more about this article...

    A LOT OF PEOPLE think that there are only a few swimming-strokes exist like the frontcrawl, backcrawl, breaststroke and maybe the butterfly stroke (or dolphin stroke) sounds familiar too. These swimming-strokes are used in swimming competitions and that is where you probably know them from. But perhaps you know these swimming-strokes also from your local swimming-pool where you or your child get their swimming-lessons. Nevertheless, there are much more swimming-strokes than one might think!!

    On this website you will find an overview of 150 historical and less known swimmming-strokes. For example, we have different swimming-strokes of Trudgeon and Northern kick. There are even a few Japanese swimming-strokes and much more other swimming-strokes.

    On this website you will not find an extended discussion of each swimming-stroke but a concise explanation with the most important features of the concerned swimming-stroke. With the most swimming-strokes there is also a picture included and sometimes an animation of the concerned swimming-stroke.

    After a short introduction of this website we wish you a lot of fun on this website and we hope you will find this website instructive enough to try some out. We are also interested in your thoughts about this website. We would appreciate if you leave us a message.

    You can find more information about this website from the pull-downmenu at the top-right (item: About this website).

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