= a difficult swimming-stroke to swim or impractical
 = means that this swimming-stroke never descripted clearly
 = the rating of the swimming-stroke (a rating of 8 is good to swim)
    PS: Swimming-strokes are derived based on their visual resemblance.





This swimming-stroke looks like the long Trudgeon and the body position rolls from a horizontal position to a vertical position on the side. The arms make a single overarmstroke where the trailing arm makes a full pull through and the leading arm an half pull through.

The legstroke has a deviating scissor-kick all followed by a long gliding-phase on the side for about 2 seconds. The combination of the arms and legs is long.


The stroke of Buchfelder with scissor/inverted scissor-kick which is descripted here, looks like the ordinary stroke of Buchfelder. The only difference is that after the scissor-kick an inverted scissor-kick is made. This means that the lower leg moves forward and the upper leg moves backwards.

Finally a long gliding-phase follows (for about 2 seconds) and the combination of the arms and legs is long.


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