Developed by : Dick Schermer
Descripted by : Stefan de Best

Looks like :
Body position :
Trailing arm :
Leading arm :
Kick :
Remark :
 Long seaman's swimming-stroke
 Rolling from 60 degrees to 0 degrees
 Single overarmstroke/wide half pullthrough (NL: ruime halve doorhaal)
 Continuous in front
 Double modified frog-kick
 Good swimming-stroke to swim

The principle
This swimming-stroke looks like the long seaman's swimming-stroke except the body is rolling from 60° on the side to 0° on the breast. The kick is a double modified frog-kick and both kicks are made at one side. Furthermore the leading arm keeps in front of the body at all times.

While swimming the long seaman's swimming-stroke the frog-kick is made when the trailing arm is pulled through. With X-2 there is also a frog-kick made when the trailing arm moves over in front of the body. After that the body rolls from a 60° angle on the side to 0° on the breast.