= a difficult swimming-stroke to swim or impractical
 = means that this swimming-stroke never descripted clearly
 = the rating of the swimming-stroke (a rating of 8 is good to swim)
    PS: Swimming-strokes are derived based on their visual resemblance.





This swimmings-stroke looks like the long seaman's stroke where the combination of the arms and legs is semi-long. Because this is a very nice swimming-stroke to swim we rated it at 9 on a scale of 10, just like the long seaman's stroke.

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swimming-stroke (opened in a pop-up)...


Looks like the semi-long seaman's stroke where the body rolls from 90° on the side until 0° on the chest. The combination of the arms and legs is semi-long.

Above you see the marinière according to Beaujean seen from the top, of aside and in front of the body. We begin with the third drawing as our starting-point in which we lay on our side. The leading arm in the fourth drawing is not drawn correctly because it should have pulled through vertically. The first drawing shows you the frog-kick of the legs.

Pay special attention to the head so you look sideways (we doubt this is the case). The pull-through of the trailing arm on the second drawing has to be pulled through vertically aswell.


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