= a difficult swimming-stroke to swim or impractical
 = means that this swimming-stroke never descripted clearly
 = the rating of the swimming-stroke (a rating of 8 is good to swim)
    PS: Swimming-strokes are derived based on their visual resemblance.





Looks like the short Trudgeon. However, the legs here make a modified wide scissor-kick which means that it is not a horizontal one as with the short Trudgeon). The combination of the arms and legs is semi-short.

Click on the film to see an animation of this swimming-stroke (opened in a pop-up)...


The Coupe anglaise of Blache looks like the swimming-stroke which is descripted previously. The body position is rolling from the side to the breast (45° tot 0°) and the arms make a single overarmstroke (both a full pull-through). The legstroke is a closed scissor-kick and the combination of the arms and legs is semi-short. All is followed by a gliding-phase on the breast.


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