= a difficult swimming-stroke to swim or impractical
 = means that this swimming-stroke never descripted clearly
 = the rating of the swimming-stroke (a rating of 8 is good to swim)
    PS: Swimming-strokes are derived based on their visual resemblance.





This swimming-stroke looks like the backcrawl, where the body position is on the back but rolls slightly to the side when the swimming-stroke starts. Just like with the backcrawl the arms alternate. The legstroke is a scissor-kick and is made after one arm is pulled over. You can choose the arm which you are most comfortable with.

Three moments of the long back-trudgeon. In this case during the pull-through of the left arm the legs are hold still.


This swimming-stroke, which is also called the helicopter-stroke, looks like the long back-trudgeon. The arms are simultaneously brought in front of the body and then brought back again next to the body where both the leading arm and trailing make a full and a half pull-through. The legstroke is a scissor-kick which is made on both sides.

Combination : double and long.

The screw-backstroke seen from above.


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