= a difficult swimming-stroke to swim or impractical
 = means that this swimming-stroke never descripted clearly
 = the rating of the swimming-stroke (a rating of 8 is good to swim)
    PS: Swimming-strokes are derived based on their visual resemblance.





This swimming-stroke looks like the breaststroke but the body position is slightly inclined while the head is kept on the side in the water. The arm movement is just like with the breaststoke with the only difference that they are pushed more to the back, almost to the side of the body. De legstroke is a modified frog-kick and the combination of the arms and legs is short. There is also a gliding-phase but a short one.

This an easy swimming-stroke to swim but not a nice one.


This swimmimg-stroke looks like the usual stroke of Boon but the name of this swimming-stroke speaks for itself; its swum with the leading arm stretched in front of the body at all times.


This swimming-stroke looks also like the stroke of Boon except there is something particular going on with the trailing arm. Its kept above water in the same position at all times (backwards). This swimming-stroke is used while transporting items without getting wet.


This swimming-stroke also looks like the stroke of Boon. The body position is just like with the swimming-stroke of Boon, slightly inclined but face forward. The legstroke is a noshi-kick.


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